Monday, February 28, 2011

Recogntion, You have to Give It to Get It

How to you get people to recognize that you are wonderful? Often the best way is to tell them that they are.

Admiration is a funny thing. Once someone admires you, you often find yourself liking them as well.

This is not to suggest you fake affection you do not feel, but an honest explanation of what you find interesting or admirable or just why you like someone goes a long way.

Someone who sees your better qualities, particularly someone who admires about you what you like about yourself is someone you want to keep around and talk well of, after all they were insightful about you.

So I suggest that if you are feeling the need for a little bit more in the way of ego stroking (which is an honest desire, but not usually a polite request), you should consider doing a little of it for someone else.

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