About Me

My name is not important. I am no paragon and I find the idea that I am writing a website about manners really embarrassing. I also think very little could make my co-workers and friends quite as uncomfortable as the idea they have a person who writes about manners in their midst, so I wish to share us both the awkward conversations.

Everything else about me is pretty authentic. I have bad hair days and sometimes I end up wearing socks that do not match. I love roller derby. I get cranky and I try to warn people and not take it out on others, but sometimes I fail. I try to behave myself and sometimes I disappoint. I do this not because I think people should be like me, sometimes I am a real mess, but because too many women have never been told how to be like themselves.

I was raised by a lovely southern family. My mother and grandmother were powerful women who knew their own value and spent time teaching me how to be powerful and find my own worth. Manners might not seem like a typical vehicle for that, but it is how I learned to set my own standards for behavior and to treat other people with respect. It is what I know and it might not work for everyone, but it is what I can share.

If you would like to contact me please leave a comment or email me at TheLady@Letters2Ladies.com